One. The beginning. The arrival. Jeune Bridal makes her debut on the global stage with her first signature collection – ‘One’. Curated thoughtfully and intentionally, ‘One’ is representative of Jeune Bridal’s intrinsic luxury approach to bridal and is an alluring symphony of refinement and high fashion aesthetic destined for the grandest of venues. Sophisticated and elevated at her core, her gowns whisper luxury with gilded accents and delicate touches. Abounding in modern femininity and created with consideration, ‘One’ presents 21 intricate and extravagant gowns that evoke elegance with an element of dramatic flair. Fusing the classic and the chic, three dimensional opulent textures, sleek silhouettes and architecturally sculpted skirts and shapes are featured, all reminiscent of red carpets and runways. Expect the unexpected with curated maximalism in ‘One’.
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The rise of overstated elegance and minimalism has arrived thanks its popularity and the penetrable nature of celebrity culture and in particular, red carpets. At the forefront of this trend is the Met Gala. Read about how these maximalist elements have made their way into the bridal world, with Liz Young creating gowns that capture the essence of the Met Gala in a wedding-worthy way.