Behind the Scenes

OF The “One” campaign

Jeune Bridal unveils its debut campaign, titled ‘One’ highlighting the exquisite couture-inspired gowns against the stunning natural landscape of Australia. The campaign revolves around the mesmerizing beauty of South Australia’s landscape, specifically the salt lakes adorned with blush pink hues and glistening crystal formations This picturesque setting provides a striking contrast to the opulence of Jeune Bridal’s gowns, resulting in captivating images that embody the brand’s dedication to creating unforgettable experiences for brides on their special day. 

The campaign shoot was a collaborative effort by the Jeune Bridal team, who worked tirelessly to harmoniously blend luxury and natural splendour. By skilfully combining the brand’s signature maximalism and dramatic flair with the serene beauty of the pink salt lakes, they crafted an extraordinary visual experience that lingers in the memory.  

Odessa C3014 9
Odessa C3014 8

‘One’ was centred around the astonishing beauty of the Australian landscape.  Photographed at the salt lakes, with their blush pink hues and sparkling crystal formations, provided the perfect juxtaposition to the opulence of Jeune Bridal’s gowns. The resulting images encapsulate the essence of the brand’s commitment to crafting unforgettable experiences for brides on their momentous day. 

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Recognising and cherishing its Australian heritage, Jeune Bridal made a conscious decision to involve local talent in the campaign. From makeup artists to videographers and photographers, the team sought to showcase not only the allure of Australian landscapes but also to support and promote the local fashion and creative industries. By collaborating with homegrown creatives, Jeune Bridal ensured an authentic and contemporary representation of Australian bridal fashion, appealing not only to local brides but also to those worldwide who are captivated by the distinctive charm of the Australian landscape.