Jeune Two Black

Welcome to “two” – a captivating assortment of wedding gowns that draw inspiration from the rugged elegance of the beach rocks of Hamlin Bay, reminiscent of the tranquil shoreline where land and sea converge. “two” embodies the spirit of romance and adventure, Amidst the raw beauty of nature’s embrace, The second collection by Jeune emerges. 

the Gowns 

The timeless rhythm of the ocean is echoed in the fluid lines and gentle cascades of the gowns. Each gown flows like the gentle sway of the water against the shore, While evoking a sense of serenity and elegance. Bold layers of ethereal fabrics, delicate lacework, and intricate beadwork replicate the swirling patterns carved by the ocean’s waves upon the enduring rocks. 

In the evocative world of “two,” the beach rocks serve as a symbol of unwavering love, strength, and resilience. Just as these rocks withstand the relentless waves, the gowns of “two” encapsulate the enduring power of love, creating an eternal connection between the bride and her cherished memories. 

Austria C3067 9
Astana C3069 6
Dress | ASTANA
Novara C3052 20
Dress | NOVARA
Luxor C3057 2
Dress | LUXOR

Discover the LUXURY and REFINEMENT of 'TWO'

Zurich C3055 12
Dress | ZURICH
Manhattan C3072 6
Marseille C3050 18
Geneve C3060 4
Dress | GENEVE
Ravenna C3053 1
Bordeaux C3070 20
Savona C3051 23
Dress | SAVONA
Bari C3065 7
Dress | BARI
Montreal C3061 4
Lourdes C3056 6
Asia C3062 3
Dress | ASIA
Alaska Veil V0014 4
Dress | ALASKA
York C3064 4
Dress | YORK
Munich C3068 12
Dress | MUNICH

The Runway

two. The Harmony. The Embrace. 

Explore all 20 dresses featured in our second collection as they walk the runway. Our daytime runway takes centre stage, the video opens to the rugged elegance of the beach rocks of Hamlin Bay, bathed in natural light to accentuate every intricate detail of the gowns. The collection features a range of couture-inspired gowns adorned with delicate lace and intricate beading, she embodies timeless beauty. As the ocean breeze gently caresses the flowing fabrics creating a dreamy ambience. Each dress showcases the artistry of Jeune, with impeccable tailoring, flattering silhouettes and luxurious fabrics that evoke elegance and sophistication. The runway highlights the exquisite wedding dresses enhancing the beauty of the bride as she walks down the aisle.