Dramatic Sleeves

Weddings are magical celebrations filled with love, laughter, and unforgettable moments. And when it comes to bridal fashion, every bride dreams of finding that perfect dress that encapsulates her unique style and personality. But what if you could add an extra touch of versatility and transform your wedding look throughout the day? Enter the enchanting world of detachable wedding dress sleeves!

In this blog, we invite you to explore some of the stunning collection of detachable sleeves from our latest collection ‘One’. These elegant, detachable additions offer brides the opportunity to customise their wedding dress to suit different moods and settings, all without sacrificing an ounce of beauty or sophistication. Whether you desire a traditional, romantic vibe or a contemporary and chic aesthetic, detachable wedding dress sleeves provide a captivating solution. Imagine the freedom of movement during the reception, the ease of embracing different climates, or simply being able to transform your bridal look from ceremony to reception with a simple change. Detachable sleeves not only provide endless styling possibilities but also allow you to feel comfortable and confident throughout your entire wedding experience.

 Get ready to embrace versatility and make your wedding day truly unforgettable!


Amalfi brings classic elegance with subtle hints of drama. The Amalfi wedding gown is adorned with a harmonious blend of an elevated, embroidered, sequin-beaded sheet lace and baroque overlay motifs representative of Amalfi’s unique coastline, flourishing with citrus fruits, leaves and bouquets of love. Amalfi’s shoulder straps include detachable statement puff shoulder long sleeves that bring the runway to your wedding day.


The London wedding dress fuses classic bridal elegance with modern runway-inspired details. The blend of pearls, sequins and glitter mesh resembling streetlights reflecting onto the shimmering drops of rain in the lively city of London. London mimics an ultra-modern “cut out” effect with a detachable long-sleeve jacket with a front and back keyhole details. 


The Medina wedding gown is a true embodiment of the desert’s raw, untamed beauty. Inspired by the vast and rugged landscape of the Medina desert. Medina features a wide V-neck illusion bodice with shoulder straps and boning, providing structure and support to the upper body. The detachable cold shoulder balloon sleeves with frill cuffs offer versatility to the bride’s look, allowing for a more romantic and ethereal look for the ceremony in contrast to a more classic and streamlined look for the reception. 


The gown is crafted from a harmonious blend of pleated tulle, cord, and sequin sheet lace is accented with intricate pearl beading. Her soft-stretch jersey lining provides lightweight comfort, whilst her cup construction and bodice boning offers all-day support and confidence. Shaped with a soft sweetheart illusion bodice, Sedona is tailored into a fit-and-flare skirt before cascading into an illusion train. Contrasting elegance with modernity, Sedona is again elevated with tulle beaded straps and detachable tiered pleated tulle sleeves adding an element of bold elegance.