Spring 24′

two. The second. The sequel. Welcome to the anticipated and awaited second global collection for Jeune Bridal.

Inspired by the spirit of romance and adventure amidst the untamed splendour of nature’s embrace, this collection features lavish wedding dresses that exude sophisticated luxury and refinement. Blending bold silhouettes with extravagant embellishments and modern design elements, ‘two’ heroes the maximalist and divine femininity of the Jeune Bridal aesthetic. 

An intentional and inspired curation of intricate indulgence, ‘two’ presents 20 modern elevated designs that synergise the contemporary and the chic, the opulent and ornate, the confident and cool. Sculpted skirts and sleek silhouettes combine with three dimensional embellishments, luxurious fabrics, and textural elements to create a synergy of style.

Manhattan C3072 10
Bordeaux C3070 5

‘Created with consideration, these new designs speak to the core of the Jeune bride. Effortlessly chic, always on trend, and inspired by all that is opulent and elegant, they are confidently cool and excited by extravagance.’

Chicago C3059 18
Bordeaux C3070 20
Luxor C3057 8
Lourdes Veil V0013 4

Revelling in the symphony of elemental fusion contained in the natural surroundings, these new designs took centre stage in Western Australia for the iconic campaign shoot of ‘Two’. Specifically located on a deserted white cliff bay on the coast, our new designs graced white sandy shores renowned for their raw and untouched beauty. 

Dancing across the sand, billowing fabrics flutter and flounce to the natural symphony of the waves and winds, while luxurious laces sparkle and shimmer as we capture precious campaign moments. 

Montreal C3061 1
Alaska Veil V0014 3
Manhattan C3072 15

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Evocative of the everchanging shoreline and world beneath the waves, expect the unexpected with our new S24 collection, ‘Two’.